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About us

Local partners and representatives

Cleft Pakistan is headed by Prof. Muhmmad Ashraf Ganatra, a plastic surgeon who has served as Professor of Plastic Surgery at the Dow University of Health Sciences for 30 years. He has vast experience in cleft surgery and has been an ally to many international organizations. He has been running a cleft program under the Al Mustafa Welfare Society since 2007. The partnership with DCKH was established in 2016, enabling the further expansion of treatment with donations collected by DCKH.

The Cleft Pakistan cleft treatment activities are performed by Prof. Ganatra and his team at the Al-Mustafa Medical Center, providing multidisciplinary care under one roof. They screen the patients, offer orthodontic treatment, perform cleft repair surgeries, and provide post operative care. Prof. Ganatra holds awareness sessions as well as camps in different cities of Pakistan. He supervises and coordinates the team of specialists and performs surgical work alongside them.

Al Mustafa Welfare Society performs financial transactions and maintains governmental queries or requirements.

So far four surgeons, including Prof. Ganatra, one speech language pathologist, one orthodontist, one ENT surgeon, and one pediatrician are part of the Cleft Pakistan team.

The aid structure

Our work in Pakistan is performed through a cooperation of Deutsche Cleft Kinderhilfe (DCKH), headquartered in Germany, with the Pakistani Al-Mustafa Welfare Society.

The Al-Mustafa Welfare Society is a non-profit welfare organization working for social development and providing relief to low income groups since 1983. It is run by a highly motivated team of intellectuals, social workers, and others from all fields of life. They provide health, education, public awareness and emergency relief services. Al-Mustafa serves thousands of poor and needy people each day through its medical centers, clinics, schools, mosques, madrasahs, orphanages, and vocational training and skill development centers all over the country.

Deutsche Cleft and Al Mustafa Welfare Society provide children and adults suffering from cleft with the specialized medical care needed, including surgical interventions, comprehensive follow-up, and rehabilitation. A particular focus are disadvantaged populations that might otherwise not have access to adequate treatment for the condition. To support this effort, Deutsche Cleft and Al Mustafa Welfare Society organize training courses, conferences, workshops, and professional exchanges, as well as encourage and develop research programs related to cleft.

Al Mustafa Welfare Society develops its activities in partnership with institutions such as the Ministry of Health, the regional health directions, public benefits, and universities.


Cleft Pakistan is coordinated by Mr Muhammad Ali Kidwai, who is the Project Manager and Camp Coordinator and can be contacted by email at ma.kidwai15@gmail.com and by phone under +92 321 8216947. He is the contact person for families who are looking for cleft treatment as well as for donors.